I do commissions upon request. I prefer to work on a large space. Usually priced around $100-$200.

Will also do smaller illustrations like, thumbnail graphics/avatars, usually for very cheap.

If unsure, ask for a quote. I’m always willing to negotiate on prices.



“Ramiro’s art has the unblinking innocence of a cat, slowly pulling apart a lizard.”

~ Robert Parigi; Filmmaker, Writer/Director – Love Object, Associate Producer – Agents of SHIELD

“Ramiro’s art is genuinely weird, with a slight trace of Japanese influence – an aesthetic that isn’t typically seen in the genre. Additionally, his use of color really makes his work stand out. Once I paid for my commission, he took my preliminary outline, worked fairly quickly and really made something special out of it.”

Nathaniel Wallace, Ph.D. Independent Scholar

“Ramiro’s / Skincube’s pin-up art of Vid & Nancy-X was an awesome take on Dedderz World… power-packed with stand-out style. A dark Technicolor mutant bubblegum. Brings to mind the coolest evil anime!”

Manek Deboto; Musician – Dedderz, Joystixx

“The works of Ramiro Roman have this underlying beauty, even in his most repellent pieces, that leaves you every time anew with a feeling that you saw a little bit more than just a horror-comic.At first glance it’s the obscenity that pulls you in. But it’s the vulnerable melancholy that haunts you a long time after reading one of his books. And on top of it all Ramiro, the guy himself, is just pure joy when it comes to working together.”

Fabian Huebner; Designer, Filmmaker – Escalator, Fonotune