Hello, I am Ramiro. Also known as SKINCUBE everywhere else.

I draw comics, and weird stuff. 

If you are interested in commissions or other information, please email me.

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2008 - The Secret Flesh — Graphic Novel/Motion Comic For Clive Barker’s Seraphim Inc. Written by Robert Parigi

2009 - Corpse Candy — Album Art/Interior Album Art For Corpse Candy

2012 - Red Museum — Original Comic Collection Published by Dusk Comics

2013 - Swallow — Comic For Tape Magazine. Written by FINT (Fabian Huebner)

2015 - LittleZotz — Head Illustrator Article Illustrations for Multiple Award-Winning site by Lauren Tharp

2016 - Dreamshock — Illustration For Lovecraft eZine #38. Written by Benjamin Knox and Toby Bennet

2017 - 20SIX Hundred — Album Art Vinyl release of The Next Level, by 20SIX Hundred

2017 - Hexenkraft — Album Art Digital release of The Infernal Schism and Tones of Terror: Vol. 1

2017 - Dr. Raybeem is Missing — Motion Comic Promotional comic for Raybeem VR app by Sokay Games

2017 - Recapitate — T-Shirt Design For Recapitate Podcast

2018 - Ghostranger: Go — Illustration Killscreen art for videogame, GhostRanger: Go by Origame Digital.

2018 - Dedderz — Album art for digital release of Dream Warriors EP by Dedderz.

2018 - Dark World — Lead Artist Illustrated assets for animated YouTube series, Dark World.